Episode #35: Farokh Sarmad - Networking With Purpose and Integrity

Farokh (@farokh) is a social media expert and entrepreneur. He was one of the very first people I connected with when I started my Instagram page (@ThinkGrowProsper) in early 2014. Since then, I’ve watched him build a hugely successful social media-based business, working with a diverse range of big name brands, ranging from L’Oréal to Dom Perignon and many others.

In our conversation, Farokh explains how his ability to network has enabled him to get the attention of (and work with) influential and powerful people ranging from business powerhouses like Gary Vaynerchuk to celebrities and rappers like Soulja Boy.

Episode #34: Daniel DiPiazza - Let Go Of What's Holding You Back

Daniel DiPiazza is the founder of Alpha Mentorship, an immersive training and investment platform for the next generation of entrepreneurs, creators and leaders. He also is the best-selling author of the book Rich20Something.

Since we met and became friends in 2015, I’ve watched Daniel undergo a massive transformation — not just in his business but in his consciousness. Daniel is currently on a world-wide speaking tour, developing the material for his new book, Wielding Power. In our conversation, we talk about some of the ideas in that book.

Episode #33: Jonathan Fields - How To Discover The Work You’re Here To Do

Jonathan Fields (@jonathanfields) is an award-winning author, serial entrepreneur, and teacher. He's founded a number of game-changing wellness companies and has led workshops around the world on everything from yoga and mindfulness to conscious entrepreneurship and innovation. 

This is Jonathan’s second appearance on the podcast and we dive even deeper into doing meaningful work. We talk about the Sparketype framework Jonathan designed for helping you discover the work you’re here to do, the work that is most meaningful to you — the work that sparks you.

Best of the Podcast: Practical Strategies for Dealing With Overthinking

In this episode, I explore overthinking (and it's close cousin, anxiety) from an evolutionary perspective and then offer some practical strategies you can apply immediately to help you overcome repetitive, obsessive, non-productive thoughts…