Episode #35: Farokh Sarmad - Networking With Purpose and Integrity


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Farokh (@farokh) is a social media expert and entrepreneur. He was one of the very first people I connected with when I started my Instagram page (@ThinkGrowProsper) in early 2014. Since then, I’ve watched him build a hugely successful social media-based business, working with a diverse range of big name brands, ranging from L’Oréal to Dom Perignon and many others.

One of Farokh’s superpowers he’s cultivated over the years is the power to network effectively. I use the word “network” with caution here because I know it can sometimes have a mercenary or negative connotation, as though it’s all about getting what you need with little regard for others.

But as Farokh explains, that mentality has nothing to do with his philosophy of networking. Rather, it's a life philosophy of genuinely wanting to help others and provide value.

In our conversation, Farokh explains how his ability to network has enabled him to get the attention of (and work with) influential and powerful people ranging from business powerhouses like Gary Vaynerchuk to celebrities and rappers like Soulja Boy.

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