Episode #19: 5 Success Principles Drake Uses

As someone who has studied personal development principles for over a decade, I take notice when I see celebrities and public figures applying these concepts in their own lives and work.

I'm a big fan of Drake and have long admired how he interweaves personal development principles throughout his music and applies them in his life. He strikes me as an introspective, thoughtful, and self-aware individual.

This episode is just a fun and lighthearted way of explaining timeless success principles using a famous person as a case study. I'll show you how Drake has employed these concepts to create his version of success…

Episode #18: Keys to Manifesting Your Vision With Idil Ahmed

In this episode, I speak with author, speaker, and self-described science enthusiast Idil Ahmed about consciously creating your reality. You might know Idil from her massive social media presence (@idillionaire) on Instagram and Twitter, where she shares many inspiring and uplifting messages…

Episode #17: Personality 101: Understanding Others and Yourself Better

In order to improve yourself, you must first understand yourself. And that starts with becoming aware of the different traits and behaviors that make you who you are. This is what the field of personality psychology is all about.

So how does this connect to personal development, which is at the heart of Think Grow Prosper?

Well, if personality defines the different traits and behaviors that make you who you are, then personal development is the art and practice of fine-tuning those traits and behaviors…

Episode #16: Act Like The Person You Want to Become

You've probably heard the phrase hundreds if not thousands of times throughout your life: "Fake it 'til you make it."

But what does it really mean? Is there any truth to it? And how can you apply it in the real world?

As is the case with many pithy maxims like this, it's necessary to dig a little deeper to extract its value. In this short episode, I try to do just that by looking at it from a slightly different angle…