Episode #18: Keys to Manifesting Your Vision With Idil Ahmed

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In this episode, I speak with author, speaker and self-described science enthusiast Idil Ahmed. You may know her from her massive social media presence (@idillionaire) on Instagram and Twitter, where she shares many inspiring and uplifting messages.

Indeed, Instagram is where Idil and I first connected a few years back and we have supported each other on our respective journeys ever since. I’m a big fan of her mission to raise global consciousness and I've shared her writings on my page many times over the years.

She's written a new and long-awaited book called Manifest Now, which is all about guiding you through the mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of creating the life you want. In this conversation, I talk with her about some of the main principles and ideas in that book.

Topics covered in this episode

Some of the questions and topics we cover in this episode include:

  • What exactly is manifestation? (19:00)

  • How do we balance “trusting our vision” with taking practical steps? (21:00)

  • Is “manifesting” different from “achieving”? (24:30)

  • What are four key principles to effectively manifesting what we want? (20:00)

  • What role does taking action play in manifestation? (28:00)

  • What are affirmations and what’s the best way to use them? (30:10)

  • How can we use affirmations to cultivate more empowering beliefs? (32:30)

  • What is mindfulness and how can we practice it? (36:15)

  • How do you deal with information overwhelm? (44:50)

  • I share some important mindset shifts I’ve personally had recently (48:00)

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