7 Tools to Improve Your Relationships (Episode #40)

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In this episode, my wife and I talk about some of the approaches and frameworks that have helped us improve and maintain our relationship for nearly a decade. We start off by addressing a question from a listener regarding her own relationship with a guy who doesn’t believe he should have to tailor his communication to suit her. We mostly refer to romantic relationships in the episode but most of the principles we discuss apply to all sorts of relationships.

Timeline of Topics & Tools covered

  • Question from reader (2:00)

  • Tool #1: 5 Love Languages (8:00)

  • Tool #2: Love vs Power (11:30)

  • Tool #3: Gottman method (14:00)

  • Tool #4: The Four Tendencies (20:00)

  • Tool #5: How important is this to you? (27:50)

  • Tool #6: Analyzing other relationships (33:00)

  • Tool #7: Big 5 Personality Model (37:30)

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