emotional intelligence

7 Tools to Improve Your Relationships (Episode #40)

In this episode, my wife and I talk about some of the approaches and frameworks that have helped us improve and maintain our relationship for nearly a decade. We start off by addressing a question from a listener regarding her own relationship with a guy who doesn’t believe he should have to tailor his communication to suit her. We mostly refer to romantic relationships in the episode but most of the principles we discuss apply to all sorts of relationships.

Episode #23: How to Disagree Constructively

Disagreeing can be frustrating but there can also be great value in it. When you disagree with someone — whether it be in a relationship or a political discussion — instead of digging in your heels and blindly defending your position, you can use it as an opportunity to gain a better understanding of a person or viewpoint. Of course, this isn’t easy. In this post, I’ll discuss four obstacles that keep us from disagreeing constructively, along with several strategies for overcoming them…