Where to Invest Your Time (Understanding Levels of Action)

(Read time: 3-4 minutes)

This post briefly outlines a framework for deciding where to invest your time.

You may have already realized, as I have, that the actions you take to improve your life are not equal; they exist on different levels.

Some are more direct, meaning their benefit is linear and specific. Examples include things like working a job, going to the grocery store, responding to an email, and deciding what you're going to wear. Let's call these Level 1 actions, or direct actions.

However, some actions are more meta, meaning their benefits are multidimensional and have a kind of cascade effect on other actions…

The Power of Introverts

Years ago, before I even knew the word introvert, I knew that I really enjoyed spending time alone. In fact, I needed a certain amount of time to myself in order to stay sane. I was fine with this. Truth is, I was at my most creative and clear-headed when I was alone, which I saw as a major advantage.

Once I learned what an introvert was, it was obvious to me that I was one of them. At the time, I wasn’t sure how anyone could be otherwise (or why anyone would want to be).

Then I learned what an extrovert was. It was clear that extraversion also came with its own set of advantages. Understanding this trait helped explain behavior I found baffling, such as the need some people had to constantly talk, even when there was nothing to say…