Happy Birthday ThinkGrowProsper! (4 Years)

This month marks the four-year anniversary of ThinkGrowProsper! I can't help but feel a little nostalgic as I look back on the milestones and events that led me here.

It's been an incredible privilege to do this kind of work for the past 4 years and I am so grateful for all of your support -- it means the world to me. I appreciate every email, every comment, every message and every repost expressing your support for TGP. I read them all, even if I can't always respond. Thank you for being here and spreading the love.

In celebration of our 4th birthday (and as I anticipate all to come in 2018), I thought I'd share a few highlights from the past four years with you...

ThinkGrowProsper Timeline


January - The seed of an idea for what would eventually become ThinkGrowProsper is planted in my mind after watching "The Last Holiday" with Queen Latifah. In the movie, she makes a vision board and names it her "Book of Realities." I start an Instagram account named @MyRealityBook where I take pictures of my written goals.

February - I decide to start posting quotes I want to remember from books I'm readingThis helps keep me inspired during a difficult time in my life. Interestingly, other people seem to like this. I change the account name to @ThinkGrowRich after one of my favorite books.

April  - I somehow gain 10,000 followers. This both surprises and excites me.

October - I create the InspoDeck, a deck of cards with inspiring quotes from my page. I start to receive messages from people thanking me for inspiring them and asking me to post more frequently. I start to spend eight hours a day creating and curating content for my Instagram page.


January - TGP reaches 100,000 followers. Other brands begin to reach out to discuss partnership opportunities. I have a light bulb moment and realize for the first time that this could actually become a business.

February - I change my name to @ThinkGrowProsper, launch my website thinkgrowprosper.org, and release my first ebook: Think. Grow. Prosper: A Guide to An Empowered Life

April - TGP reaches 500,000 followers. I am shocked at the massive growth of my page. I gain several celebrity followers and get reposts from people like Diddy and Tyrese. Pretty cool.

October - TGP reaches 1,000,000 followers. Mind = BLOWN.


January - Vanessa quits her job and joins the TGP team full-time! We release the free Mindset Shift Mini-Course as a way to answer the most frequently asked questions we receive about getting unstuck. Over the course of the next 12 months, more than 25,000 people enroll. We receive hundreds of messages from students who tell us the course completely changed their life and way of thinking. This fuels me.

July - TGP reaches 2,000,000 followers. This is getting out of control.


January - I decide to come out from behind the curtain of anonymity and share more of my real life with my audience. I start to write more and share my personal thoughts and how I apply the concepts I talk about on Instagrammy blog, and our newsletter.

February - Vanessa and I design, sell, and ship the first ever ThinkGrowProsper letterpress prints.

March - I take Marie Forleo's B-School and share what I learn with Vanessa. We fine-tune our vision for ThinkGrowProsper.

May - I create the Mindset Shifts Masterclass as a more in-depth follow-up to the free Mini-Course. Vanessa brings it to life! The Masterclass answers the most frequently asked questions about overcoming mental roadblocks and offers many simple strategies to create empowering beliefs.

October - TGP reaches 3,000,000 followers!!! I feel a deep sense of gratitude that I am able to share my thoughts with so many people.


January - We will be launching a podcast! Stay tuned!