Master Your Diet, Master Your Life - w/ Daniel Thomas Hind (Ep. #38)

Episode 38 - Master Your Diet, Master Your Life

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The person you will be in five years depends largely on the information you consume today. And make no mistake — food is information!

I often talk about the mental and emotional aspects of living a good life, but our physical health is just as important. And what we put into our bodies is a HUGE part of physical health.

In this week’s podcast episode, I speak with lifestyle coach and founder of EvolutionEat, Daniel Thomas Hind about how to learn the skill set and mindset of healthy eating.

This topic is notably left out of most personal development philosophies. I haven’t talked about it much either, which is a shame because mastering my diet has been a huge part of my personal development journey.

There are two things I love about Daniel’s approach and why I wanted to have him on the podcast:

1. He rejects the one-size-fits-all approach to diet.

Many diets and nutrition philosophies are dogmatic and narrow-minded about their particular plan. This goes against human nature and leaves no room for bio-individuality. Daniel, on the other hand, adopts a more holistic approach.

In the same way that I don’t promote one specific life philosophy or school of thought, but instead pull from many, Daniel doesn’t adhere to one specific diet but instead focuses on time-honored principles of nutrition and pulls from a diverse range of dietary philosophies to create custom approaches for his clients and help them eat healthfully in a sustainable way.

His mindset about diet is similar to my mindset about self-development. It’s holistic, integrated, realistic, and sustainable.

2. He addresses the fact that proper diet is notably left out of most self-development philosophies.

In the personal development world, we often talk about the mental and emotion aspects of living a good life but it’s rare that we talk about the physical aspect, which includes diet. Daniel doesn’t just focus on diet, but also the mindset behind it. He addresses the person, not just the food.

If you’d like to learn more about how to master the skills of healthy eating, I highly recommend taking this FREE online mini-course and live training that Daniel is offering to The Think Grow Prosper community. The value it offers is incredible. Quite honestly, I’m shocked that it’s free.

Topics & questions covered

  • Daniel’s background (12:15)

  • How I got into diet and nutrition (22:30)

  • Parallels between diet and personal development (36:40)

  • Why is the topic of proper diet so often ignored in the entrepreneur/self-development community? (38:15)

  • Daniel’s approach to coaching (46:40)

  • Why most people need some sort of coaching or accountability to change their diet (50:00)

  • Something Daniel still struggles with (53:30)

  • The key to changing your habits (57:45)

Notable quotes from Daniel

  • “You can’t be healthy without having a healthy relationship with food.” (11:20)

  • “Your health journey is the baseline to your self-development journey.” (35:45)

  • “If you’re a high-achiever, your insane work ethic is the source of your success. But it’s also the source of your limitations because it’s not sustainable. The cost of burnout is YOU.” (41:30)

  • “Invest in your health and treat yourself like your are your most valuable asset. Because you are.” (43:45)

  • “Healthy eating is a life long skill that you must develop and practice. It’s not a goal that you accomplish and forget about.” (46:40)

  • “Learning the skills of healthy eating is far more important than the specifics of the diet itself.” (1:11:00)

  • “Knowing how to eat is far more important than knowing what to eat. The internet has given us the answers for what to eat. The important thing is to make it real for yourself and apply it to your life in a sustainable way.” (1:15:50)

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