Episode #26: Adam J. Kurtz - Overcoming Perfectionism

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In this episode, I speak with artist, author and speaker Adam J. Kurtz (aka ADAMJK) about overcoming perfectionism, being an online creative, and what goes into making good art/content.

Adam’s work is rooted in honesty, humor and a little darkness. His latest book, Things Are What You Make of Them, is a handwritten essay collection that digs into the emotional realities of being any type of modern day creative person.

This episode is for you if you’ve ever found yourself at the mercy of perfectionism, are a creative entrepreneur (or anyone who creates anything on the internet,) or if you’d like inspiration for your creative work.

Topics covered in this episode

  • The (often hilarious) challenges of being a modern-day creative person on the Internet

  • Why unpolished work often connects with people better than work that’s too “perfect”

  • How and why perfectionism stops us from creating

  • The #1 reason to let go of perfectionism (and the logic behind it)

  • The importance of including emotion in your work

  • How to make your work connect with more people

  • Adam’s views on balancing art and commerce

  • Adam’s philosophy on art & life that has helped him embrace uncertainty

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