Celebrate Love

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Here's a poem I wrote for my fiancé years ago after a dream I had. 

I feel as though we've danced
this dance many times before—
that I was once a wave and you,
a pebble on the shore.

I softly splashed against you,
then wrapped you up in me.
You asked for an adventure
so I carried you to sea.

When we awoke, we'd slipped
into a different time and place.
This time you gave me water
each time you kissed my face.

And after many seasons
of flourishing with you,
My petals withered in the sun
and I was born anew.

I couldn't bear to be without
my other half, my home.
So soon enough we joined again
among the woods to roam.

I've known you by some other names,
in other places too.
Our souls they are not strangers,
their memories, not few.

I've found you every time
and adored your every state.
You've somehow always found me too,
and so it is with fate.

Each and every time we've met
I've loved you more and more.
Perhaps that's why it seems as though
we've danced this dance before.
—Ruben Chavez