Episode #25 - Marie Forleo: The Power of Doing What Excites You

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In this episode, I speak with entrepreneur, author and philanthropist Marie Forleo about identifying your gifts, doing meaningful work and dealing with criticism.

Marie Forleo is a multi-passionate entrepreneur who was named a though leader by Oprah, host of the award-winning show, Marie TV where she helps people create a life and business they love and she is also the creator of the world-class entrepreneurship training program, B-School.

This episode is for you if you need direction honing in on your gifts and passions, want to learn strategies for dealing with criticism and comparison online, or if you’re a fellow creative entrepreneur who wants resources for creating meaningful work.

Topics covered in this episode

  • How to find your unique gifts (especially if you have “too many interests”)

  • How and why Marie decided to become a life coach at 23 years old

  • Achieving clarity more from engagement rather than thought

  • Why not all our passions need to be monetized

  • Dealing with criticism and how Marie has dealt with it in her own life

  • Lessons Marie has learned from having had an online business for 20 years

  • How comparison is creative kryptonite

  • Avoiding comparison and being yourself in the digital age

  • Resources for starting an online business

  • Marie’s philosophy that “everything is figureoutable”

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