How Your Focus Creates Your Reality (The Science Behind The Saying)


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I love quotes but I also love figuring out what makes them true. Part of that has to do with applying them to my life but the other part is learning how they hold up against one of the most powerful truth detectors we have -- science.

Whenever I hear a quote or idea that resonates with me, I typically ask questions like:

  • What makes this true?
  • What basis does this idea have in reality?
  • What does science say about this?
  • Can I corroborate this with an experience from my own life?

I've found that sayings that have endured the test of time tend to contain -- at the very least -- a seed of wisdom or truth in them. If not in a literal way, in a metaphorical way.

It turns out there is both practical wisdom and scientific truth packed into the idea that “your focus creates your reality.” In this episode, I read one of my blog posts that explains what I think that consists of.

You can read the original blog post here.

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