Doing Meaningful Work and Understanding Yourself Better with Maker and Author Jonathan Fields


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Jonathan Fields (@jonathanfields) is an award-winning author, serial entrepreneur, and teacher. He's founded a number of game-changing wellness companies and has led workshops around the world on everything from yoga and mindfulness to conscious entrepreneurship and innovation. 

His most recent book is called How to Live a Good Life: Soulful Stories, Surprising Science and Practical Wisdom. I highly recommend it -- super inspiring read. (You can read the first chapter for free at

Currently, he runs the mission-driven media and education company, Good Life Project®, where he produces a top-rated podcast of the same name with millions of downloads. I've had the honor of appearing on his podcast, which happens to be how we first connected.

Jonathan regularly keynotes at events and has been featured in a variety of media outlets such as The New York Times, USA Today, People, O Magazine, Vogue, Wall Street Journal, FastCompany, and many others. 

But more importantly, he's one of the kindest, most genuine, and down-to-earth people you could ever meet. I'm extremely fortunate to call him a friend.

Show Notes and Time Stamps

We had a fun conversation and we cover topics such as: 

  • The value of psychological and personality frameworks (5:52)
  • Jonathan's career trajectory and its common themes (16:22)
  • Jonathan's approach to learning a new subject (19:07)
  • Jonathan's views on bridging the gap between science and spirituality (23:22)
  • Jonathan's philosophy on doing meaningful work (31:22)
  • The "Purpose/Flow/Expression" Venn diagram model (34:05)
  • The difference between doing what excites you and what distracts you (41:17)
  • The 5 Love Languages and how they can improve your life (45:37)

...and more!

Selected Links and Resources From the Episode:

See what Jonathan is up to at

Listen to his top-rated podcast, Good Life Project Podcast.

Grab his inspiring book, How To Live a Good Life: Soulful Stories, Surprising Science, and Practical Wisdom

Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking by Susan Cain

The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman

The Big 5 Personality Model

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Jonathan's upcoming podcast --

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