My 100 Day Project

Starting Monday, July 2nd, I’ll be blogging every weekday for 100 days straight.

This decision was inspired by my wife, Vanessa, who participated in #The100DayProject spearheaded by Elle Luna.

There are two reasons why I feel this is important at this time:

  1. It will help me write more consistently by keeping me more publicly accountable.
  2. It will give me an opportunity to flesh out and organize the 400+ notes I have in my phone -- something I've been meaning to do for a while.

What are these notes I speak of?

I use the Notes app on my phone to jot down ideas, thoughts and questions I have throughout the day.

These notes cover a variety of topics, ranging from psychology and philosophy to evolutionary biology and learning techniques. They cover a span of about seven years of my life.

Some of these notes are questions I have. Some are theories I’ve come up with. Others are thoughts that popped into my mind while reading. Many of them are just me trying to connect the dots between ideas.

Generally, most of my notes consist of me trying to sort out my thoughts about things. I’m hoping your commentary will help me with this.

Follow this project

If you‘d like to follow this project, turn on post notifications on my Instagram page to get updates when I post. Instagram has become a noisy and distracting place lately so unless you turn on post notifications, you probably won’t see when I post.

I’d also love to hear your thoughts on my individual posts -- positive, negative or indifferent. Your feedback will help me develop my ideas a bit more and shape the content of the book I am writing.

I am grateful for those of you who continue to find value in my work and engage with it. I hope this project is a source of even richer, deeper, and more eclectic content for you.

P.S. Yes, I will still be doing the podcast. By the way, have you listened to my latest episode with Jim Kwik? (Up next: Gretchen Rubin)!


Cultivating Creativity with Writer and Creative Mentor Markus Almond

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If you're a writer, musician, or other creative type (OR, if you would like tips on how to become more creative) I think you'll find a lot value in this episode.

I’ve shared the writings of today’s guest numerous times on my Instagram page, ThinkGrowProsper. His name is Markus Almond. You might not recognize the name but there’s a good chance you’ve seen a quote from his books on my Instagram page or somewhere else on the internet.

Markus is the author of the book Motivational Quotes to Get the Blood Moving, a collection of notes he wrote to himself to help guide him in different areas of his life.

I came across this book in a random Brooklyn bookstore I wandered into one day while Vanessa and I were visiting New York. I resonated with many of his insights and have wanted to pick his brain ever since.

Who is Markus Almond?

Markus started his career in the music industry as a songwriter with many of his songs played on MTV, E! Network and other television shows.

After moving to New York, he transitioned into writing books and poetry. Many of his works ended up reaching the Amazon best-sellers list.

I was impressed when I learned that some of his earlier self-published works were shared by celebrities and popular artists like Travis Barker (Blink-182), Rob Dyrdek (MTV), Steven Pressfield (War of Art), and others. In our conversation, I ask Markus how he was able to accomplish this.

After his success in the music industry and then later as a published author, he began teaching some of the principles he’d learned to other songwriters and authors. Today, he runs a mentorship program for songwriters and authors of all genres.

One of Markus’ deeply held beliefs is that success in any creative field can be replicated no matter where a person is starting from.

You can connect with Markus through Instagram (@MarkusAlmond) or through his website

Show Notes and Time Stamps

  • How he wrote his book, Motivational Quotes to Get the Blood Moving (8:45)
  • Markus’ thoughts on intuition (13:45)
  • Strategies he uses to cultivate his intuition (18:20)
  • What compelled Markus to change careers from his punk rock music lifestyle to becoming a writer (19:25)
  • Markus’ writing process (22:05)
  • How Markus got influential people like Travis Barker, Rob Dyrdek, Steven Pressfield to share his work on social media (22:35)
  • The number one piece of advice he gives his coaching clients when it comes to getting their message out there (25:45)
  • His views on self-publishing (23:45)
  • Tips for cultivating creativity (28:55)
  • His top book recommendations for creatives (31:55)
  • How he got best-selling author Steven Pressfield to give him feedback on his book (38:20)
  • Creative strategies Markus has used to get his work out there (39:45)
  • What a “Dream 100” list is and why he thinks it’s important (42:45)
  • His three most important principles for success in any field (45:00)
  • The concept of a "Customer Avatar" and why it's important (48:00)
  • The overarching philosophy/ethic that guides his life (49:55)

Selected Links and Resources From the Episode

Markus’ zine: Brooklyn to Mars - Issue #12

Motivational Quotes to Get the Blood Moving by Markus Almond

Meditations by Marcus Aurelius

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

Crush It by Gary Vaynerchuk

The Hundred Dollar Startup by Chris Guillebeau

Dotcom Secrets Russell Brunson

His website

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Ruben Chavez is a writer, personal development educator, and host of The Think Grow Podcast. His Instagram account, ThinkGrowProsper, has amassed over 3 million followers. Along with his blog, these platforms are his way of inspiring and connecting with thoughtful, creative, and ambitious people just like you.

The Art of Self-Expression with Illustrator and Author Mari Andrew


Download as an MP3 by right-clicking here and choosing "save as."


If you are an artist or creator of any kind, this episode is for you. Mari Andrew (@bymariandrew on Instagram) is an author and illustrator who has built a massive and loyal following by sharing refreshingly honest illustrations about life, love, and vulnerability.

In our conversation, we talk about:

  • How she created a career as an illustrator despite not having any formal art training
  • What she contributes most to her success as an artist
  • Why you shouldn’t feel guilty for getting paid for your creative work
  • The benefit of not “fitting in”
  • How she deals with criticism and trolls
  • The power of stories

...and much more

Mari is also coming out with a book that expands upon some of her drawings with mini-essays about her journey: Am I There Yet? The Loop-de-loop, Ziggzagging Journey to Adulthood. We also talk about how that book came about. Mari is a delightful and intelligent woman who is not afraid to speak candidly about who she is and what she’s been through. I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did.

Selected Links and Resources From the Episode