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The Think Grow Podcast

Below is a list of all the episodes I've recorded to date, listed from newest to oldest. You can listen on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, or whichever platform you normally use. If you’re looking for show notes or just want to stream and download episodes directly on this website, click an episode below.

#27: Ask Me Anything 3

#26: Adam J. Kurtz - Overcoming Perfectionism

#25 - Marie Forleo: The Power of Doing What Excites You

#24 - Neil Pasricha: How (and Why) to Read More Books

#23: How to Disagree Constructively

#22: Think Grow Together: A Conversation With My Wife, Vanessa

#21: 4 Keys to Remembering What You Learn

#20: How to Be Resilient with Walking Paraplegic Janine Shepherd

#19: 5 Success Principles Drake Uses

#18: Keys to Manifesting Your Vision With Idil Ahmed

#17: Personality 101: Understanding Others and Yourself Better

#16: Act Like The Person You Want to Become

#15: Four Tendencies That Shape Your Life - with Gretchen Rubin

#14: Learning How to Learn with Brain Coach and Memory Expert Jim Kwik

#13: Cultivating Inner Peace with Meditator and Writer Yung Pueblo

#12: Ask Me Anything 2

#11: Practical Philosophy, Career Advice and Tools for Better Learning with Ryan Holiday

#10: 5 Ways to Increase Your Intelligence

#9: Cultivating Creativity with Writer and Creative Mentor Markus Almond

#8: Doing Meaningful Work and Understanding Yourself Better with Maker and Author Jonathan Fields

#7: Practical Strategies for Dealing With Overthinking

#6: Skills For Success They Don't Teach You in School with Lawyer and Serial Entrepreneur Steve Mehr

#5: Your Focus Creates Your Reality (The Science Behind They Saying)

#4: Rethinking Reality with Cognitive Scientist Donald Hoffman

#3: The Art of Self-Expression with Illustrator and Author Mari Andrew

#2: Using Meta-Habits and Foundational Principles to Improve Your Life with Daniel DiPiazza

#1: Ask Me Anything

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