The Think Grow Podcast

Episode #26: Adam J. Kurtz - Overcoming Perfectionism

In this episode, I speak with artist, author and speaker Adam J. Kurtz (aka ADAMJK) about overcoming perfectionism, being an online creative, and what goes into making good art/content.

Adam’s work is rooted in honesty, humor and a little darkness. His latest book, Things Are What You Make of Them, is a handwritten essay collection that digs into the emotional realities of being any type of modern day creative person.

This episode is for you if you’ve ever found yourself at the mercy of perfectionism, are a creative entrepreneur (or anyone who creates anything on the internet,) or if you’d like inspiration for your creative work.

Episode #25 - Marie Forleo: The Power of Doing What Excites You

In this episode, I speak with entrepreneur, author and philanthropist Marie Forleo about identifying your gifts, doing meaningful work and dealing with criticism.

Marie Forleo is a multi-passionate entrepreneur who was named a though leader by Oprah, host of the award-winning show, Marie TV where she helps people create a life and business they love and she is also the creator of the world-class entrepreneurship training program, B-School.

This episode is for you if you need direction honing in on your gifts and passions, want to learn strategies for dealing with criticism and comparison online, or if you’re a fellow creative entrepreneur who wants resources for creating meaningful work…

Episode #24: Neil Pasricha - How (And Why) to Read More Books

In this episode, I speak with positive psychology researcher and author Neil Pasricha ( about how (and why) to read more books.

Neil helps people live happier lives. He is a leadership keynote speaker, New York Times best-selling author, positive psychology researcher, and host of the podcast 3 Books With Neil Pasricha, where he is on a mission to discover the 1000 most transformative books.

This episode is for you if you need inspiration to read more, want to learn what makes reading books different other types of media, or if you’re a fellow book nerd who just wants to geek out over why reading is awesome…

Episode #17: Personality 101: Understanding Others and Yourself Better

In order to improve yourself, you must first understand yourself. And that starts with becoming aware of the different traits and behaviors that make you who you are. This is what the field of personality psychology is all about.

So how does this connect to personal development, which is at the heart of Think Grow Prosper?

Well, if personality defines the different traits and behaviors that make you who you are, then personal development is the art and practice of fine-tuning those traits and behaviors…