3 Steps to Succeed on Social Media

No matter how you slice it, we live in a world of likes, followers and views. Because of this, we are often looking to be validated in all of our social media channels. One of the most common questions I receive via email is how to make content go “viral” and get a large social media following.

I decided to answer this FAQ with a blog post. :)

Social media is everywhere and it’s no longer something that is viewed as a waste of time. Quite the opposite. Social media is now a marketable job skill, it’s something you can put on your resume (or LinkedIn).

Whether you approach social media as an entrepreneur, employee or just for your personal life there seem to be so many strategies, complicated processes and filters that you need to be successful.

I think it’s a lot simpler than that.

There are three foundational things that most people and brands with large and engaged followings are all doing.