Cultivating Inner Peace with Meditator and Writer Yung Pueblo

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Yung Pueblo is a writer, meditator and speaker. Lately, I've been reading his book Inward, a profound collection of insights about letting go of emotional pain, practicing self-love, and understanding oneself.

Today I talk with Yung Pueblo about emotional history -- what it is and how it relates to cultivating inner peace. I ask him what it was like to go on a 45-day silent meditation retreat, what his meditative practice looks like, what resources he recommends, how he got started on this path, and more.

You can connect with Yung Pueblo on Instagram @Yung_Pueblo. His book, Inward is available on Amazon.

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Show Notes and Time Stamps

  • The meaning behind the name Yung Pueblo (5:30)
  • How he got started writing (12:00)
  • His idea of liberation and the goal of meditation (13:15)
  • How he started on this path of meditation and healing (16:00)
  • His first experience with meditation (19:00)
  • How our emotional history affects our behavior (24:50)
  • Other strategies for cultivating inner peace: diet (30:15)
  • His experience with a 30-day silent retreat (35:15)
  • A common myth of meditation and personal development (38:40)
  • Other tools for meditation and mindfulness (50:30)
  • What has contributed to his inner peace the most (56:35)
  • Book recommendations (1:08:30)

Books & Other Resources Mentioned In This Episode

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