Has changing your thinking changed your life?

I started my journey with self-development over a decade ago when I was just 18 years old. One of the first books I read was How to Win Friends and Influence People. I remember highlighting profusely and being hungry for each coming chapter.

It was incredible to me that I had completed my high school education without so much as a single class on the skills and habits required for interpersonal relationships. Especially since relationships are often a critical factor in one’s professional and personal growth.

I've remained hungry for this subject ever since. I love learning about different perspectives, strategies and approaches to living my best life. This is partly what led me to start the @ThinkGrowProsper Instagram page.

Personal development tools are the type of education the world desperately needs but rarely gets.

Right now, I have over 1.5 million people who follow @thinkgrowprosper to get positive reminders and empowering information delivered to them every single day, with that number growing by the thousands each day. Somehow, we all intuitively know that personal development is an ongoing process.

Most people engage in personal development in some way, sometimes without realizing it. In its broadest sense, personal development is defined as anything that enhances your quality of life and contributes to the realization of your dreams and aspirations.

Since launching the Mindset Shift Mini-Course, I receive hundreds of emails a day. I love hearing from this community, but I especially love learning about success strategies you use.

Some have told me they read books from success teachers like Tony Robbins or Napoleon Hill and others search Pinterest for ways to keep their house/life organized.

Once we find a personal development approach that appeals to us and that we can benefit from, we tend to seek it out more often. Since you're reading my blog, I know I don't have to tell you how important it is to regularly invest time improving yourself in some way.

Whenever I find myself "too busy" to invest time in myself, I remind myself of my success mantra:

Invest in your health.
Invest in your education.
Invest in your happiness.
Invest in your relationships.
Trust me, you're worth it.

Working on oneself is an age-old practice. Practical philosophy—examining one’s life and developing a coherent approach to it—has been considered a noble and worthwhile pursuit since ancient times!

My approach to personal development has changed throughout the years. When I first started out, I was lacking basic confidence and knowledge of fundamental success principles, so I would read classic “self-help” literature for 1-3 hours a day, diligently highlighting and rereading meaningful passages. I would also attend live events whenever I had the opportunity.

I didn't know it was happening at the time, but looking back now I realize exposing myself to this information completely changed my way of thinking. Reading that first book changed the trajectory of my life, and I'm so grateful it unfolded as it did.

Changing my thinking changed my life.

While I still read, lately I have fallen in love with audiobooks and podcasts because I find that I can make use of unused mental energy by listening to something I’m interested in while doing household tasks and other mindless activities.

While I used to diligently study basic success principles and entrepreneurship,  now I am very interested in studying different kinds of thinking and philosophies. I’ve also found a lot of value in learning more about the topics of the history of humankind because I feel it adds context and richness to my life.

So I'm curious...

How do you invest in yourself?

Have you developed habits or routines to improve your life?

What activities do you engage in daily or weekly to enhance the quality of your life?

What do you do to contribute to the realization of your dreams and goals?

Is there a subject you've been trying to master you'd like more resources about?

In response to several requests, I’m going to be sending out an email in a couple days with a list of resources and habits that have impacted my personal growth and development.

In the meantime, I'd love to hear your strategies in the comments below!