How it all began...

You might say I'm a pretty lucky guy. I spend a good amount of my time hanging out on the internet, talking to people about how to stay inspired, living with the woman of my dreams and truly enjoying my life. But it wasn't always this way. I started the @ThinkGrowProsper Instagram as a way to keep myself inspired after cycles of rough circumstances and jobs I didn't love wore me down to a point where I was mostly stressed and certainly not joyful. 

I had been studying self-development strategy and success technology for years. But shortly after finishing a great book, I often lost sight of the things I read about and would return to that uninspired place. I started @ThinkGrowProsper as a way to keep myself accountable and teach myself habits to stay in an inspired mindset. 

Two years have passed and I can say I now live a life I created. I learned to let things go that didn't serve me and spend most of my days doing thing I find exciting. Now, I get daily messages from people who are exactly where I was! The emails and direct messages all read the same: people want to know how to improve the quality of their life, change their thinking and be more successful.

I'm grateful my account has resonated with so many people. I love hearing about people being inspired by the same things as me. However, now that the community has grown so large I miss the personal interactions I used to have. I also wanted to give this community a token of thanks for sharing my daily inspirations. That is how the ThinkGrowProsper blog was born!

I designed it to feel personal because I want it to be personal.